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Production from your Livestock

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Milk production

Milk production from your herd is increasing. We have purchased a couple fresh cows, Lacey and Agnes, and Tinkerbelle and Blossom calved early and both are producing very well to meet the growing demand for Single-Moo Milk. We expect Blossom Maddie, and Beauty to calve in March.

Egg production

Egg production continues to go up. We worked on ensuring abundant egg production this past year and our laying-hen strategies are going to be successful at addressing the challenges we have had in the past with steady egg supply.

Now is the time to sign up for our amazing eggs by purchasing an egg share for a dozen or two or three per week. You can also just purchase eggs when you need them as a member of HFPMA and we will send them with your next delivery.

Cream production

Cream share owners can generally expect to get their cream deliveries steadily at one pint per herd share. General Farm Update March 2, 2021

We have some turnover of people on the team here and are training a couple new folks. Great people and animals are working on your behalf to shore up your local, healthy food supply. Having a good team here is allows us to catch up on our farm share community communications and web work. We have a newly designed website that is easier for people to order, and it is working to help your farm community grow.

Milk supply is now meeting the growing demand for Single-Moo Milk. We expect full milk deliveries moving forward and it's critical to return your empty half gallon jars (and other containers) so we have somewhere to put all the milk.

With our current set of cows due to calve, we will be more than doubling our milk production this year to over 100 jars per day and will likely double it again next year to acheive the planned production for this land (200 jars per day). The dairy barn and creamery have to be completed to manage that output and our sales will increase o accomodate that. As possible, we will be directing only A2A2 milk to herd share owners and A1A2 milk will go to making cream, cultured cream, butter, and ghee.

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