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A Cow Named "Blend?"

Yikes! No we don't have a cow named "Blend." Normally, the name of the cow that produced our Single-Moo Milk is on each jar of milk. But lately "Blend" has been showing up.

Here's the problem: when we don't have jars on the farm, we have to sometimes hold the milk until jars come back from a delivery. To do this, we pour the milk into some nice large stainless milk cans and get the milk cooling. After we have clean jars, we mix the milk up and bottle the milk. It's not something we like to do...very inefficient...but...

1. sometimes farm share owners stockpile jars at their homes. If you're doing this, then Blend may become a more popular cow. PLEASE RETURN EMPTY JARS AND LIDS when you pick up your milk.

2. the global insanity pandemic seems to have put a crunch on half-gallon canning jars, which is what we use to deliver your milk. So we can't buy them at stores very often. We are considering other jar sources, so we aren't so dependent on Ball Jars. Don't worry, they will be glass and wide-mouth so you can skim the cream easily.

I need a picture, a cute one, so here's an old one of Sampson. He's all grown up now and he is the herd bull.

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