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Advancing Traditional Farm Community

Growing Private Orthomolecular Restorative Farms

Welcome to Helios Farms, the home of the original Single-Moo Milk™ and delicious soy-free eggs and meats!  Our farm-share community is made up of folks that recognize that the standard food system has problems and that health starts with a focus on nutrients and the microbiome of the soil, plants, animals, and our own internal microbial gardens. Join our farm-share-owner community and you gain access to healthy, ethical, local food supply from a farm with a focus on the latest science about nutritional (orthomolecular) healing and the microbial health of the farm community.

Our first Private farm is HFPMA. The centerpiece of our farm is a raw milk dairy and creamery, and we are pioneering methods, using the microbial intelligence of raw milk, to achieve and sustain optimal health throughout the farm and farm share community.

Helios Farms has been delivering raw milk and other farm foods to farm-share-owner drop points since 2012. Our farm methods are firmly rooted in Double-Nobel-Laureate Linus Pauling's Orthomolecular science and the most advanced microbiome science, which means we never use agricultural or pharmaceutical chemicals. Our farm-fresh foods make you feel good. You can also feel good that you are helping create the a large orthomolecular restorative private family farm network.

We love sharing the information we have learned and the fruits of our labor. We love engaging our farm community in the farm success. We are dedicated to delivering milk and eggs weekly to your drop point, and working with you to harvest your beef, chicken, pork, and lamb to fill your freezer and bless your meals!

Join HFPMA. Buy MoolaCoin™ from Then use your MoolaCoin to shop at the HFPMA private online store.

You will have opportunities to participate in traditional farm and butchery experiences, and you will be delighted with each delivery of your farm share treats. Yum!

We are grateful that you recognize healing is possible through
pure food and your participation in  community-supported orthomolecular restorative farming!

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