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Helios Farms is where you change your dollars into MoolaCoin™, the Milk Standard Currency. Once you join HFPMA and buy MoolaCoin, you can use your MoolaCoin to buy products from HFPMA.



MoolaCoin can be used to buy products from HFPMA or any future farm in the Helios Farms Private Farm Network. One MoolaCoin is ALWAYS redeemable for one-half-gallon jar of Single-Moo Milk™ from any current or future Helios Farms PMA Farm as we expand our PMA farm network around the world. All PMA farm offerings are priced in our private currency, MoolaCoin.


When you purchase MoolaCoin we create a MoolaCount™ for you at HFPMA, and add the MoolaCoins to your MoolaCount.


All HFPMA foods, livestock shares, farm stays, classes, and other products sold to members of the private farms in the Helios Farms network are priced in MoolaCoin. The currency symbol used here and on our websites is "MK" represents our private currency called MoolaCoin.


When you order products from, the MoolaCoin price will be deducted from your MoolaCount.


Anyone can buy MoolaCoin. HFPMA members can use them to buy farm products. They can use their MoolaCoins this year or next year or ten years from now to purchase food. The price of one-half-gallon of Helios Farms' Single-Moo Milk will always be one MoolaCoin and other foods from the farm will be fix-priced accordingly in MoolaCoins.


Fractional MoolaCoins are MoolaCents™.


Put Your Moola Where Your Mouth is.™


The names "MoolaCoin", "MoolaCoins", "MoolaCents", and “Moola Certificate” are trademarks created in 2022 and owned by The Orthomolecular Garden Church. "MoolaCoin" and "MoolaCount" are licensed for use by HFPMA and future farms in the Helios Farms Private Farm Network. The phrase "Put Your Moola Where Your Mouth Is" is a trademark of The Orthomolecular Garden Church.


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