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MoolaCoin™: The Milk Standard Currency

Updated: May 14, 2023

MoolaCoin is founded in some solid, decade-old thinking about how to decentralize the food supply back to private local farms.

Here are some of the features of MoolaCoin:

-MoolaCoin is the Milk-Standard currency. One MoolaCoin will always be redeemable for a half-gallon of Helios Farms Single-Moo Milk. You often hear currency related to "a loaf of bread" in statements like "in 1948, a loaf of bread was a nickle, which equates to $7 million in today's dollars." That's an exaggeration (or is it?), but the point is, what better currency standard than food? What if a nickle would still buy you a loaf of bread?

-MoolaCoin is a sustenance-based currency. If you're human, then you are a mammal, although culture seems to want you to forget that fact. Mammals make milk for their young and can live on raw mammal milk alone, all their lives if necessary. (It might be a boring diet, but it would sustain you for a long life.) What better currency standard than the birth-right sustenance for humanity? Milk.

-MoolaCoin is in compliance with higher law. As a sustenance-based currency, MoolaCoin is in compliance with God's prime directive for creation and humanity: "be fruitful and multiply." It is also a currency that our cows can almost pronounce.

-MoolaCoin makes your farm community's life easier. We no longer have to raise and lower a bunch of prices as our costs go up and down. We just change the exchange rate between MoolaCoin and dollars. Our MoolaCoin price list is the same, with a half-gallon of our milk always set at 1 MoolaCoin. We can offer specials and sales in MoolaCoin, but we never have to spend hours and hours adjusting an entire price list (both in our online store and in our accounting system).

-MoolaCoin can protect your local, farm-fresh food supply from inflation. Buy a lot of MoolaCoin now, enough for foods for a year or two, and you enjoy the fact that your food prices from your local farm are fixed for the future. The MoolaCoin price list will rarely change, and a half-gallon of our Single-Moo Milk is always no more than 1 MoolaCoin. The exchange rate between other currencies, like the USD$, and MoolaCoin will change. So once you own a bunch of MoolaCoin, you're good for a bunch of good food at the MoolaCoin price that you see in our private online store now.

-MoolaCoin can save everyone fees. If you want to buy a lot of (more than 50) MoolaCoin at once, please send us a check rather than pay through our website. Just order your MoolaCoin, choose offline payment, and let us know that your check is in the mail. We incur no fees, you incur no fees, and there are no fees when you then buy HFPMA products with your MoolaCoin. Brilliant!

-MoolaCoin: Tangible business modeling. Because one MoolaCoin is always the equivalent of a half gallon of Helios Farms Single-Moo Milk, business modeling is tangible. For example, at the end of a given financial period, a 1000 MoolaCoin profit can be visualized as a walk-in cooler holding 1000 half-gallon jars of Single-Moo Milk. Inputs vs Outputs become relatable and grounded in sustenance reality.

-MoolaCoin: A Private Currency. Probably the most important feature of MoolaCoin is that it is private. MoolaCoin is one part of a larger restructuring of the Helios Farms mission to span the public and private domains with a clean barrier between the two domains. When you purchase MoolaCoin, you are clearly stepping into our private domain as a member of HFPMA Orthomolecular Garden Ministry.

Make it Simple Theo!

It is simple...the process for interacting with our farm is now:

Once you own MoolaCoin, you can buy products and select "offline payment." The MoolaCoin price of your orders are deducted when we deliver.

This 4-step process keeps the money changer outside the temple. What that means is when you buy MoolaCoin, you are making a clear delineation between your public and private (PMA) transactions. Going forward using MoolaCoin, all trading with HFPMA is private.

Private Domain?

Raw cow milk is "illegal" to sell in stores in Oregon. So, in the public domain, raw milk is "illegal" in public commerce per statutes.

But it is absolutely "lawful" to own and milk a cow, take care of the cow according to your understanding (which, in our case, means no pharma, no pesticides, and no ag chemicals) and do whatever you want with the milk, including trading it with your neighbor for a dozen eggs or 10lb of potatoes or anything else you want to trade, like MoolaCoin.

You see, the right to trade raw cow milk is a "God-given" right since Genesis, day 6, when God created man and gave him dominion over the cattle. The highest form of law is biblical law. So raw cow milk, "illegal" in the public domain jurisdiction of Oregon, is "lawful" in our biblically-based private domain.

In scripture, when Jesus says "Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's." He is referring to the public and private domains. The highest form of law is biblical law, and our rights in the private domain are God-given, bible-based rights.

This is important information nowadays.

Our founding fathers knew about the private domain, but few of us were taught about the private domain. When you join HFPMA, you are agreeing that all your HFPMA activity will be "governed" by the Ecclesiastic Law of HFPMA Orthomolecular Garden Ministry (terms and conditions, dispute resolution, and so on, as spelled out in the bylaws of HFPMA), and all of your activities as a member of HFPMA will be outside the jurisdiction of State and Federal authorities. It's pretty simple. HFPMA is a well-defined, private "jurisdiction" and you agree to be part of it, so you can hear our ministry's messages, try out our Orthomolecular Restorative information, and have access to foods produced like they were produced in, um, Eden.

MoolaCoin Makes a Great Gift!

Give Edenic nourishment to your family and friends in our delivery area (Roseburg to Portland). To use their MoolaCoin gift, they will simply need to join HFPMA. If you are buying MoolaCoin as a gift, let us know and we will send you a gift certificate card that explains our farm and the food they can purchase with their MoolaCount. A few of our items can be shipped, like vitamin C, lard, and tallow. Our online store is still under development, so if you don't see something you want, just ask.

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