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Note: We are in the process of changing our strategy to have a set delivery day for each drop point. This may mean that some weeks, milk share owners will receive 1 quart per share rather than 1/2 gallon per share while production is low and the milking line changes in anticipation of calving. Within a few months, milk will be abundant, so reduced deliveries will phase out. Eggs, cream, and meat are at full capacity, so should not require reductions. With the size of our farm share community, consistent delivery days have to be our farm community priority to help everyone plan their pick up time and meals. Please bear with us while we make this change, and bear with your cows while they increase milk production.

Update 1/14: Daisy is about to calve and get into the milking line. We bought another cow, Lacy, and she may provide some good milk. Her heifer calf from October came with her, so it's hard to tell how productive she's going to be until she gets into the line.

Tuesdays: Brownsville: Quart-per-share delivery complete Tuesday Jan 12th.

Corvallis: Corvallis quart-per-share delivery complete Tuesday Jan 12th.

Salem: Salem quart-per-share delivery complete Tuesday Jan 12th.

Silverton: Silverton quart-per-share delivery complete Tuesday Jan 12th.

Hubbard: Hubbard quart-per-share delivery complete Tuesday Jan 12th.

Beaverton: Beaverton quart-per-share delivery complete Tuesday Jan 12th.

SE PDX: Know Thy Food Coop quart-per-share delivery complete Tuesday Jan 12th.

N PDX: N PDX quart-per-share delivery complete Tuesday Jan 12th.

NE PDX: NE PDX quart-per-share delivery complete Tuesday Jan 12th.


Eugene: New Frontier quart-per-share delivery complete Thursday Jan 14th.

Springfield: Springfield quart-per-share complete Thursday Jan 14th.

Cottage Grove: Coast Fork quart-per-share complete Thursday Jan 14th.

Saturdays: The Alameda drop point is stocked. Herd share owners take 1 quart per share this week. If you have 2 shares, take a half gallon. Etc. Roseburg: Quart-per-share delivery complete on Saturday, Jan 9th.

Sutherlin: Central Feed quart-per-share delivery on Saturday, Jan 9th.

Sunday: Drain/Elkton: Drain and Elkton quart-per-share delivery on Tuesday, Jan 12th.

Milk production

Milk production is low this winter, and that will change for sure starting in about February/March, when calving starts and we will have a steady supply of milk through 2021. Through January and February, we are going to bottle both quart jars and half gallons as a way of compensating for low milk production times. This will allow us to stabilize the delivery schedule, getting our deliveries out (milk, eggs, meats) consistently on the same day to each drop point).

In the same way that we turned egg production around this year, we have worked to build our milk production capacity so that the milk supply will be steady each week starting in about spring. Your farm community is unique in many ways, and there is complexity in what we do that is unique. As part of this community supported agriculture (CSA) farm community, we appreciate your patience as the core team here on the farm works to be your steady source of healthy, local food. Visiting the farm is something we recommend to get a good understanding of the food system revolution that you are participating in.

Egg production

Egg production is high now, which is surprising in winter. We worked on ensuring abundant egg production this past year and our laying-hen strategies are going to be successful at addressing the challenges we have had in the past with steady egg supply.

Now is the time to sign up for our amazing eggs by purchasing an egg share for a dozen or two or three per week. You can also just purchase eggs when you need them as a member of HFPMA and we will send them with your next delivery.

Cream production

The cream content of our milk, with low producing cows, is very high. Cream share owners can generally expect to get their cream deliveries steadily at one pint per herd share.

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