Farming, Helios Farms style...

Our family is on a quest to return regenerative farming, enlightened cultivation, and honorable stewardship to our lands, animals, and humanity. Become a farm-share owner to join this quest.

Family friendly farming
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Helios Farms celebrates regenerative farming methods, balance in our business models, and quality and function in all aspects of life. We use rotational grazing on our pastures, moving our cattle, chickens, and hogs regularly to optimize the health of our animals and build edenic pastures and gardens for the benefit of future generations. Helios Farms is a family-friendly farm, open to visits at all times, located in Yoncalla, Oregon, the home of Single-Moo Milk™, Gravity-Separated Cream, and other livestock shares that bring your family eggs and meats from soy-free animals  We love delivering healthy pasture and forage to our animals and healthy food, information, and products to our farm-share community.








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