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Soy-Free Meat-CHICKEN Share!                                       Gravity-Separated CREAM Share!

What our members receive:

​Becoming part of our farm-share family ​to gain independence and sustainability in today's global food climate. You will be supporting a farm that embraces  natural, harmonious ways of growing plants and raising livestock. We let cows be cows, chickens be chickens, hogs be hogs, and kids be kids. As a farm-share owner, you can be assured that your family is getting the healthiest, purest foods the earth can offers. We are dedicated to nurturing the relationships in our community by foraging positive and sustainable relationships with our farm share owners, farmer, animals, plants, pastures, and soil.




Our community of farm share owners has access to nourishing, healthy food with a selection of chicken, beef, pork, milk, cream, and eggs. We raise all of our livestock on pasture at our farm and never treat our land or livestock with any chemicals, hormones, synthetic ingredients or antibiotics.

We use individual Surge milkers to milk each cow, but we never spin or process the milk or cream. Our raw milk is tested daily in our on-farm lab and delivered pure, raw, as God intended, after passing the food-safety standards for pasteurized milk.

Our beef cattle are rotated on on lush, unsprayed pasture and fed hay from start to finish. They are never fed grain.

We raise pastured heritage Berkshire hogs that spend their lives foraging on shady pasture and being fed GMO-free, soy-free grains and legumes fermented in clabbered raw milk.

Our laying chickens spend their days working our pastures, foraging through the rich offerings, and are fed GMO-free and soy-free grains and legumes fermented in clabbered raw milk.



You can start your farm share year at any time of the year. We send you an invoice for a year's worth of livestock shares and boarding, but you can modify or cancel your agreement along the way, as described in our boarding agreement. 


HOW to Order:

Click Order Now! on this page and fill in the form telling us what shares you want. Download our farm share owner agreements (which you can sign and mail to us if you prefer).

When you click the button to email in the form, you are agreeing to the terms of our agreements. Make sure to include the email address and phone number on the form.

Once we receive your form, you will get an email with an invoice. We accept full payment or monthly payments online by card or check, or you can get us cash or a check. Please give us a call for more information or for ordering instructions at 541-908-0561.



Get milk, chicken, pork, beef, and eggs by buying shares. 

Single-Moo Milk™ Herd Share is $370 ($30 a month plus a $10 annual glass jar fee). Each jar of unprocessed Single-Moo Milk™ contains only one cow's milk and has the cow's name, date, and milking time on the jar. Each herd share you own entitles you to 1/2 gallon milk per week delivered to your local drop point. To start your herd shares, you pay first and last month's fees and the bottle fee for each share, so the initial payment is $70 per share.

Gravity-Separated Cream Share $370 ($30 a month plus a $10 annual glass jar fee). This herd share entitles you to 1 pint of gravity-separated raw cream per week delivered to your local drop point. To start these herd shares, you pay first and last month's fees and the bottle fee for each share, so the initial payment is $70 per share.


Meat Chicken Share is $300 ($25 per month): Each chicken share buys 12 chickens delivered within one year. Come to the farm to help us harvest and package your chickens! 


Beef Cuts Share is $720 ($60 per month): Come to the farm for a one-night farm stay and help cut and package your mixed quarter of beef, approximately 100 pounds. Maybe more. An additional $150 butchery and packaging supplies fee is due at harvest time.

Hamburger Share is $600 ($50 per month): Quarter beef for hamburger. Yield is approximately 80 pounds, maybe more. An additional $150 butchery and packaging supplies fee is due at harvest time.


Lamb Share is $600 ($50 per month): These are lambs raised in Montana on pristine pastures without pharma or ag chemicals. Share is one whole lamb. Yield is 50-75lb. An additional $150 butchery and packaging supplies fee is due at harvest time.


Hog Share is $480 ($40 per month): Side of pork, approximately 100 pounds, usually more. Includes a one night hog harvest farm stay and a meal. An additional $150 butchery and packaging supplies fee is due at harvest time.

Egg Layer Share is $360 ($30 per month): One egg-layer share is 52 dozen eggs per year (sometimes that means one dozen a week) from our soy-free laying hens, $360 total, or $30 a month


Please call Kira at 541-908-0561 for more information. Ask Kira about our on-farm lab and the test-and-hold step we use in our Single-Moo Milk production process.

Shares available for weekly pickup from drop points in Roseburg, Elkton, Cottage Grove, Eugene, Brownsville, Corvallis, Salem, Silverton, and several drop points in the Portland area.



Our 2018 Full Farm Share contains:

Our Full Farm Share is $2600 for one year ($267 per month). It includes:

- Two Single-Moo Milk™ Herd shares

- A Meat Chicken Share (with farm stay)

- A Beef Cuts Share (with farm stay)

- A Hog Share (with farm stay)

- An Egg Layer share

Of course, you can mix and match your full-farm share, adding or subtracting livestock shares to create a pure, local food supply that best suits your needs. Any farm share that exceeds $2500 in livestock shares per year is considered a full farm share.

With a full-farm share, each week you will receive:

- Single-Moo Milk™ 

- Eggs


Full Farm Share Benefits:

- Extra gifts from the farm. Sometimes we just have an abundance of something like ghee, lard, or tallow and we feel like gifting the abundance to our full farm share owners.

- Farm harvests. We have apples, berries, elderberries, mushrooms, and nuts here that are available for full farm share owners to come harvest when in season.

Ask about discounts for full payment up front. When your farm's cash flow is tight, this is a great way to keep the farm growing fast.