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November 11, 2019

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Deliveries this week

November 11, 2019

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Deliveries this week

November 11, 2019

The cows are all free-range grazing until winter weather sets in. We have these amazing days lined up, with stockpiled forage everywhere including apples and other fruits that are still falling from trees. The cows in the milking line are freely roaming during the day getting a wide variety of nutrients from this fall sun/rain cycle.




We did not deliver cream again this Monday partly because of tight production, which delayed the delivery departure, but also because we didn't have empty cream jars to fill. The pint jars seem to disappear and we really need them to flow back to the farm to be refilled. The cream lines are high in the milk, as you know, so cream share owners get your pint jars back to us and we will make sure that next week everyone gets cream.


Return your milk jars, all lids, egg cartons, and cream jars. Thank you!

Delivery Color Code

Green text indicates a delivery that is underway, but may not be complete yet.


Red text indicates a delivery completed, meaning you can pick up your foods.


Black text indicates a delivery completed in the past.



Delivered Monday, Nov 11th, 9 AM.


Aurora (White Rabbit Bakery)

Delivered Monday, Nov 11th, 10 AM.


Corvallis (Jim's Fruit Stand)

Delivered Thursday, Nov 7th, 1:00 PM.



Delivered Monday, Nov 11th, 4:00 PM. 



Delivered Monday, Nov 11th, 2:30 PM.



Delivered Monday, Nov 11th, 2 PM.



Delivered Monday, Nov 11th, 2 PM.



Delivered Monday, Nov 11th, 1 PM.



Delivered Monday, Nov 11th, 12 PM.



Delivered Monday, Nov 11th, 11 AM.


Drain/Elkton (The Creator's, Open 10AM to 5PM Th-Sat and 12:30-5:30 Sun)

Delivered Thursday, Nov 7th, 12:15 PM


Cottage Grove (Coast Fork Farm Stand)

Delivered Thursday, Nov 7th, 3:30 PM


Springfield (Main St. Market)

Delivered Thursday, Nov 7th, 2:00 PM


Eugene (New Frontier)

Delivered Thursday, Nov 7th, 1:30 PM


Roseburg (UVFarmer's Market)

Come pick up your milk, cream, eggs, and meat at the Umpqua Valley Farmers' Market Saturday.


Roseburg (Alameda)

Delivered Saturday, Oct 2nd.


Sutherlin (Central Feed)

Delivered Saturday, Oct 2nd around 3:30 PM.


Egg Production: LOW seeking new hens


Our egg production is still too low. We are adding laying hens to the flock as we can find them, and they are slowly getting into the laying groove. Expect irregular egg deliveries.


Milk Production LOW/EVEN


Our milk production did not allow for cream delivery this week again on Monday. Expect VERY fresh milk, especially at our earliest drop points. If it still hasn't completely cooled, just get it into your fridge and get it below 40 degrees in the next few hours.

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