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New Jar Tracking System

There are many challenges on our farm at the moment and the one that is most frustrating is the lack of consistency in jar returns. Some in the community are very diligent, and some are falling short. With the pandemonic still gripping Oregon and the world, half-gallon jars are not available in the stores regularly, so it is critical that we get back ALL the jars we send out. Consistent and timely returns are critical to efficiency in the pouring room and to making deliveries consistently.

We have avoided tracking jar returns, but now we realize that we are spending more energy scrambling for jars than we would spend with an efficient tracking system. So we are going to track containers that come back to the farm. It's simple on your end...

Your part is simple.

Please put a slip of paper with your name CLEARLY WRITTEN on it in every jar (all size jars), and every egg carton (those are at least 40 cents each), that you return to the farm. This way we can know who is returning jars/cartons and who is not. We will prioritize delivery to those with consistent returns and may have to skip those who don't send their jars to the farm for refill.

Note1: If you break one of our jars, please replace it.

Note2: If you find Half Gallon Ball Mason Jars at a store, please buy up to 10 cases and let us know or drop them at your drop point. A case of 6 should cost about $12, so don't get gouged. We will reimburse you or credit your farm share account.

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