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Ducks, Eggs, and Lids


Winter solstice is only a month away, then the days will start getting longer again (whew). We will do our best to keep production and deliveries on track through the winter, but the number of variables go way up in Winter, and our farm resilience can be tested. We will see how well we do this Winter keeping deliveries reliable, so you have a constant source of farm-fresh goodness.

Ducks for sale

Brandon has a limited number of ducks for sale. They are amazing and very limited. Price is $70 for a big duck, $65 for a medium duck, and $55 for a small duck. You can email or text Theo to buy a duck from Brandon for an upcoming holiday meal. Everyone who has had Brandon's ducks says "yummy!" and we have had them and they are.

Unwashed Eggs

Winter conditions make it more difficult to produce clean eggs right out of the nest boxes. We are not putting effort into cleaning eggs before packing them. Most of our farm share owners understand that washing eggs removes the outer protective coating, so that's why eggs in the US have to be refrigerated (vs. in Europe where washing is not allowed). Our eggs are delivered unwashed, and don't have to be refrigerated. You can wash them once you get them and use them in a week or so with no problem. If you want to keep them longer, then put them in the fridge after you wash them.

NEW! Single-Moo Milk Lids

As farm funds allow, we are switching over to using these grey, Ball, high-quality leak-proof lids for both milk and cream.

One-piece, high-quality plastic lids, they don't leak if tight, and they can be accurately loosened to let the milk breathe in the fridge or before you place it in your clabber cabinet to ferment. They have a quality look and feel to them and they look great in the dairy sections of our market-based drop points, so they may help increase participation in the farm community.

We are adding Helios Farms labels to the lids so they will be easy to identify as your farm lids so you can return them to your farm.

To do your part on the farm with respect to jars:

  • Scrub off the sharpie before you return the jars!

  • Do not put anything else besides milk or fermented milk/cream in your Helios Farms jars!

  • Do not remove the labels from the lids, as they are vinyl and are designed to be reused many many times.

  • Please return your jars and lids diligently, so we always have plenty on hand for the next milking.

  • Again, a steady flow of empty jars to the farm is REALLY important. We can't emphasize this enough. Successful local, sustainable farm processes involve many tiny details that everyone in the community gets to take part in. If a jar is empty in your home, return it, and life is easier for a whole bunch of cows and people here. If a few people let empty jars accumulate at home, then it can cost the farm money and can even delay deliveries. It's that tight of a process, so we thank you for making it happen.