Delivery Update February

February Milk Production VS March Milk Production

During February, milk production may be an issue. Then in March, we have a run of 14 or 15 cows that are going to calve and the Douglas County clover burst usually happens in March and April. So February will only be the calm before the storm as far as milk production goes. From mid-March forward, deliveries should be very reliable.

As they say in road construction "expect delays" during February and keep in mind that this is your farm and farms have downs and ups. It's hard to predict exactly what will happen with the set of cows we are milking currently. We purchased 5 new cows recently, and all are doing well, but we dried off as many cows for calving. Sunny and the new cows will carry us through February to mid-March. When we take cows out of the line, sometimes it doesn't affect milk production as much as we think it will, because the other cows step up and compensate (maybe because they get more to eat). That may happen during February, but there is a chance that we will have delayed or skipped deliveries.

We are also changing the target day for PDX deliveries back to Tuesdays and CG, Eugene, Corvallis to Wednesday. Salem and Silverton will happen on Tuesday. Here are the details:

Portland Run on Tuesdays

On Tuesdays, we will deliver to:



-Portland (SE, N, NE)



Eugene/Corvallis Run on Thursdays

On Thursdays, we will deliver to:





Drain and Cottage Grove on Fridays

On Fridays, we will deliver to:


-Cottage Grove

Roseburg Market and Drop Points on Saturdays

Every week we attend the Umpqua Valley Farmers' Market, where people pick up their goods, and we drop off in Roseburg after the Market for those who can't make it to the market

Field of Dreams

In the Field of Dreams, the rule is, as I learned it, "if you build it, they will come." We have built the herd to produce milk for many. Part of your job as farm share owners is to tell all our future farm share owners, the people that you know and want to be part of your farm, that it is time to join up. We have built it. In March, we will realize the fruit of years of building here and can triple our delivered milk without any changes other than a better stocked delivery truck and a little extra time for deliveries. Your friends and family can join up right away and enjoy all the benefits of having fresh Single-Moo Milk on their family's table at every meal.



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