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Holiday Hamburger

Now is a great time to buy Hamburger Shares from Helios Farms to provide your family with high quality convenient meals with the healthiest ground beef available. It is $750 total for a share of the beef cows, harvested, ground, packaged, and in your freezer. Think of the burgers...

110 lbs of hamburger can make a lot of burgers for the upcoming year, but it may be too much for your freezer space all at once, and $750 may be too much for your budget all at once. So, you have options for payment and delivery that fit any freezer and any food budget:

  1. You can pay in full and receive all your ground beef, 110 lbs or more, at once.

  2. You can make monthly payments for the coming year at $62.50 per month and receive 9 lbs per month starting this month after the share you buy is harvested.

  3. EBT and other debit cards are accepted at Farmer's Markets, so, once your share is harvested, you can pick up some of your burger each week and make a payment on your livestock shares weekly or monthly using the farmer's market tokens.

Hamburger Share Gift Certificates are also available. Buy one of your family or friends a share today. It’s a practical gift that keeps giving all year. There’s really no better gift than 110 lbs or more of the best ground beef on the planet.

This is Helios Farms ground beef from our on-farm butchery, from chemical-free, grass fed, humanely harvested cows that have been grazing on this remote land, drinking pure spring water for years. We are aging the beef in our new butchery, so the quality of the meat, the flavor, nutrients and quality of the fats are unique, and the price is right. The ground beef is from the whole cow, including all the prime cuts, so you’re getting ground round, ground rib-eye, ground prime-rib, etc.

In order to receive ground beef from our current harvest, you have to own your share before we harvest all the cows and steers here. We are harvesting them over the next month. If you buy your share now, we can start deliveries later this month. If you buy your share now and pay in full, we can deliver all your ground beef by the end of the month.

If you are already one of our farm share owners, just send us a text or email to sign up. Tell us how many shares you want. Or just send payment ($62.50 for the first month, $750 for the full share, or any amount in between) via PayPal to heliosfarms@gmail.com and include the note “hamburger share.”

If you want to be a farm share owner, here's a link where you can signup now.