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Merry Christmas from Helios Farms!

My name is John Steigleder. My wife, Elizabeth, and I moved into the farmhouse at the beginning of November. I thought I would write you to introduce us and to let you know what we hope to accomplish by being here at Helios Farms.

We have been a part of Theo and Kira’s farm ever since we became full farm share owners ourselves about 4 years ago. Elizabeth and I share a passion for good, wholesome food (in fact, that’s one of the things we first connected on) and we have had a dream of living on a farm ourselves. The first time we visited Helios Farms, we were captured by the magic of what is happening out here. We’re not into sorcery and Theo is no Houdini, but there’s a simplistic beauty and inspiring energy of life out here.

In many ways, the farm was not what we had expected when we arrived and we were unsure of what we had got ourselves into. After a weekend of walking with Theo to round up cows, learning how to milk, nearly wrecking their farm truck, and harvesting our hog though, we left with a refreshed spirit.

That has been a common theme to our stays here. I think it has to do with the people. We met two people, so inspired by their mission that they left a beautiful home and a comfortable life in Corvallis to face the elements of farming 160 acres in Yoncalla. Why? Because they believe that people, like you, deserve better than what they’ve been getting.

If you have met Theo and Kira, you know these two are running on conviction and faith. When most people may have just started shopping farmers markets instead of going to Albertsons, Theo and Kira saw a need to be filled and dove head first into the deep end. Amazingly, after 6 years of trials and travails, they’re still above water and kicking. They have managed to produce amazingly pure, nourishing animal products for people like us to enjoy. And no matter what the conditions of the farm happened to be, that is what has kept us coming back.

Now to today. We finally have a team of dedicated farmers to take on the daily tasks of raising the animals and producing the animal products you signed up for. Kira’s daughter, Sonja, and her fiancé, Ben, have also joined our farmy. Between the six of us, I have been amazed at the progress being made here over the last few months, since Ben and Sonja first arrived.

Our goal is to make this vision that we share into a sustainable and thriving farm business. We want to be around to serve you and your family for generations to come. We appreciate your patience and your loyalty as a part of our farmily. I know that, at times, we have struggled to keep our delivery of your product consistent and timely. We are dedicated to improving that this year.

Theo has successfully built back a flock of hens that was previously devastated by predators, but now are laying plenty of eggs in the protection of their hoop house. You should be getting your eggs consistently from now on. We are also working on developing systems to keep delivering on your other favorite animal products on a more regular schedule. We are excited to see what we can accomplish in this new year. We will keep running on that same conviction and faith that has brought Helios Farms to the point we are today.

I have much gratitude and reverence for the couple that has dedicated their all to this mission so far and I feel blessed to be able to join in this great work. I also share that same respect for the people who have supported their efforts thus far.

Thank you and Merry Christmas.