• Theo

Chicken Shares!

I picked up hundreds of Freedom Ranger chicks last Wednesday in Tangent, Oregon and shuttled them to their new home. They spent a week in the new and incomplete walk-in freezer (warmed to 80 degrees, so not really a freezer yet) in small brooders, and over the last couple days they all were moved to our large brooders in the greenhouse. Here's a quick chick's-eye video tour of the new quarters

Our chickens are fed non-GMO, soy-free feed from Mosaic Farms that has been fermented in our soured raw milk for several hours or a day or two. They are robust and healthy, and growing fast, which is their main job. They are taking training courses in "pasture forage improvement" as well. At the ripe old age of 6 weeks, they will be moved into secure pasture-improvement houses that will move daily giving them the opportunity to improve the forage for their fellow herbivores and for subsequent batches of growing, foraging meat chickens.

We are nearly finished with our butchery, which expanded during construction to include an additional wing that we call "the chicken wing." It is a wing off the main butchery where we can hang out with farm share owners during chicken harvest parties. The first chicken harvest is scheduled for around May 10th and will run for several days as we hone our knives and skills harvesting the hundreds of chickens. Please mark your calendars to join in the harvest.

You can buy your chicken shares now by clicking Sign Up Now! here or in the menu above and entering the number of shares you want to buy and then click submit. Each share is 12 chickens. Within a day or two, you will get a new farm share invoice in the email and you can submit payment with a card or online check or send us a paper check. Buy some chicken shares now and, if you can, arrange a trip out to the farm in early May to participate in the fun and take your soy-free, pastured chickens home to stock your freezer.



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