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Delivery Update: Milk and Egg Abundance

Here's our planned delivery schedule which we will stabilize, starting next week (Sept 18):

-Monday: Corvallis, Salem, Hubbard, Portland (Beaverton, SE, N, and NE).

-Wednesday: Elkton and Roseburg.

-Friday: CG, Eugene, and Springfield Farmer's Market.

Milk and Egg Abundance

All the laying hens finally migrated back from their seagull-viewing vacation at the beach, and we finally sorted through the hundreds of cow resumes we have been receiving and chose 4 new cows to hire for the dairy operation.

Fortunately, all the new hire cows came from one Organic Valley dairy that is downsizing. We were planning to hire only three new cows, but one of the resumes, Desi, stood out. She was a three teat cow, which reduced her signing bonus, but her milk quality and quantity from the three good teats convinced us to bring her on. She agreed to a name change from Desi to Lucy, which fits her better (being a cow and all).

Working for the Helios Farms dairy operation has become quite desirable amongst the milk producing bovine professionals, so we get a continuous stream of high-quality cowplicants, in spite of our construction chaos and poor worker housing. It may be that being farm-share-owner owned and getting "raw milk to the people" aligns with the cow sense of "organic service." A full-time position as milk producer that also aligns with the cow's core values nowadays is a rare find. So many resumes means that we can be selective, and that means we hire the cream of the crop.

The result is that milk abundance is now upon us, and eggs are so abundant that farm share owners will be getting extra dozens for their custards, egg-salads, mayonnaises (is that really the plural?), pickled eggs, chile rellenos, french toasts, cheesy-egg sandwiches, and other egg-rich dishes. As the picture shows, the milk cooler is burgeoning with fresh lab-tested Single-Moo Milk. Milk, as you know, is the centerpiece of our farm. We now understand that it is, in fact, the centerpiece of life itself (Tagline possibility: "Without Single-Moo Milk, life itself would be impossible").

Being the centerpiece means that milk drives our delivery schedule. Without plenty milk, our deliveries become erratic and we start becoming unpredictable, which is not tolerable for any length of time. We apologize for the inconvenience and milk deprivation of the past few weeks. We will extend all current milk shares by 4 weeks to make up with y'all. If you want extra make-up milk now instead, please let us know.