Delivery Update: Where's the milk?

Our milk production drives our delivery schedule, so the crash we had in milk production has really thrown off the milk and egg delivery schedule. We will extend everyone's milk shares by 3-4 weeks based on the interruption in deliveries.

Saturday, we are picking up three new cows to fill in the gap between now and November, when our herd of dry cows will start calving. Within two weeks, we should be back on track with regular deliveries.

Once we get the new cows in the line and assess our new production levels, we are going to reassess the delivery schedule to each drop point to make sure we run efficiently to the drop points while getting you milk that is less than a few days from milking. So your pick up day may change. The PDX delivery will be on Mondays, but we may combine other deliveries with that one as we head north (like the Corvallis delivery).

Our egg production skyrocketed once the hens returned from their summer molting getaway. When the heat wave hit, they all flew over to the beach for a couple weeks and lounged around drinking grasshopper cocktails and watching the seagulls. I'm hoping we can avoid those kinds of interruptions in the future, but they are the only union workers here, and it's apparently written into the fine print of their current contract. I missed that clause, but I have to be understanding. They work very hard for scratch the rest of the year.



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