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  • Theo

Beef Butchery Now: KivaZip Loan

First I want to thank all of our farm share owners. You are all building a new way to bring food to the table. You are our inspiration, the inspiration for Helios Farms. We love when you visit the farm and let us know how the foods we grow are influencing your meals and your family health. Where's the Beef?

All of your steers are ready to harvest, but the on-farm butchery facility is still in the works. The first bay of the new tool barn, the bay on the right, is going to be dedicated to our on-farm butchery (finally moving Kira's butchery out of the farmhouse). Several steps are required to complete the butchery before we can harvest the first steer. Those steps are underway, and all farm share owners are invited to help move the project forward more quickly so we can get started on beef.

KivaZip equipment loan

To finance the butchery equipment, we are crowd-funding a KivaZip loan. We had one of these loans, for $5,000, which we paid off last year. Now we are raising a $10,000 loan to finance the butchery equipment. KivaZip loans are crowd funded, zero interest loans. With KivaZip micro-loans, everyone loans a little money for a project and gets paid back with no interest over 3 years. So it's similar to putting your money into a bank savings account and leaving it there for 3 years. Farm share owners can help, now, by clicking our loan at this link and being part of the initial phase of funding the loan. WE ONLY HAVE A FEW DAYS TO GATHER 13 MORE LENDERS, so please act quickly.

I haven't had time to publicize the loan very well, because I've been working on getting the butchery electrical and plumbing up and running, and running the farm. I have a team here this weekend, so I have a little time in the office and am counting on Farm Share Owners and Helios Farm's supporters to help us get through this initial phase. It's an all or nothing program, so if we don't hit the numbers, we don't get the loan. Please share this loan with your network. Once we get the private funding stage successfully completed, we will move on to the larger KivaZip network.

NOTE: Although KivaZip titles their loans with the name of the person managing the loan, this is not a "loan to Theo." It will make Theo and Kira's life easier, running your butchery using great equipment. But this is a loan to Helios Farms, your farm, your food supply. Let's make it happen.