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Vaxxed Bus Event

Those of you who follow our FaceBook site may know already that the Vaxxed Bus is going to be at Helios Farms on Monday, June 12th.

The purpose of their stop here at the farm is to collect vaccine injury stories from the local area and also to collect non-vaxxed stories (about children raised without vaccines). You may be asking "what is the connection between a movie about corruption in the highest echelons of public health and chemical-free farming?". Well, one connection is obvious: our farm does not vaccinate any animals and we deal with any animal issues we have with other methods (like using vitamin C). But the deeper connections between farming and Vaxxed may not be so clear, so I'm going to write about our friend Bob. His story might give you a sense of the connection between our farm, our farming methods, and the story told in the movie Vaxxed.

Connecting Farming and Vaxxed

We met Bob a couple months ago. Bob is very young, like me, only in his 50's, but he was on death's door. His body was failing because he was no longer able to eat anything, and anything he did eat created extreme pain on the other end. His gut had been eroded for decades, starting with a round of vaccinations he received in Basic Training entering the military. He ate the standard american diet (SAD), and his health deteriorated to the point where he had colon surgery a couple years ago, and that only made things worse. His advisors were recommending another colon surgery to fix the mess the first one created. But Bob really had given up, he was coughing up blood, and felt that he was on the way out.

Enter Prayer

Mutual friends, prayer healers, had stopped by to pray for Bob which kicked off a healing of some of the impossible-to-heal damage (nerve damage in the colon) so Bob's important sensations returned, which was an impossibility. Prayer does that. Then they brought Bob to the farm in search of expanded healing information. I told Bob about high-dose vitamin C, and I also talked to him about the Milk Cure book I had studied before I experimented myself with living on only raw milk for 3 weeks and concluded that I could continue for the rest of my life (if I had to and wasn't tempted daily by all the great food that's served up here). After that conversation about two months ago, we started delivering very fresh milk daily (as prescribed in the old book) to Bob and he agreed to take notes on his progress. Since Bob couldn't digest anything, it made him the perfect experiment to repeat what the book said thousands of people did a century ago to cure diseases, which mostly were the result of gut damage by the industrialized foods back then.

According to the Milk Cure book, taking a human off of all food and putting them on a steady diet of raw cow's milk, fresh from the cow (within a half day or so from milking), causes the digestive system to almost shut down, reverting to a baby-like mode of absorption, rather than digestion. The nutrients and blood enzymes from the cow are absorbed directly into the bloodstream at the stomach and the rest of the gut just mostly rests and heals. Cow biology and human biology, at the cellular level, are pretty much the same, so the milk contains everything the human needs. The milk has to be very fresh and taken in a way that the stomach doesn't kick into digestion mode. The gut reverts to a baby gut again, like a new calf. The digestive system is shut down and can heal and restore itself. Other organs also are put in a healing mode, because the blood supply is fortified directly through the stomach. That's what the book proposes anyway.

Two month's later, Bob's strength has returned and he can put in a decent day's work now. He eats no other food, but drinks milk all day long and takes nearly bowel tolerance levels of vitamin C. The amount of vitamin C he can take dropped drastically about a month into the program, which is an interesting phenomenon that makes me wonder about the biochemistry of the raw milk diet (come visit me at the farm and I'll tell you what I think). Bob feels healed now from a strength and life standpoint. Problems aggravated by the colon surgery have improved significantly, but still have some healing and strengthening, which he is confident will happen as he continues on raw milk and vitamin C only.

Bob is, of course, just an anecdote. A single case. Medical authority would say that it is only a coincidence that his body started improving as soon as he started on a raw milk and vitamin C only diet. Yep. He probably started sleeping on his side at the same time and that is the real fix. No statistics to support it. Just an anecdote like the thousands of anecdotes described in the book from the 1920's. Old science. Not really valid in today's world. When my son's brain tumor went away on Dr. S. R. Burzynski's treatment, the quackwatch site said that S. R. stood for "spontaneous remission". All the patients Burzynski cured of incurable cancers were spontaneous remissions. Bob would fit into that spontaneous remission category. Raw milk can't really cure disease. We all know that and we should all be vegetarians.

I really prefer the clear explanations of hard science, like classic physics (none of that modern stuff that Einstein or C. Johan Masreliez introduced). You have a pretty simple formula and can do a calculation and then repeat the results that Newton described centuries ago for how gravity works, how time just ticks at a constant pace, how acceleration works or how the static forces in a barn truss work. Science by repeatability is what I like. Medical science, and most of modern science really, is more of a science by authority, like a church, where a board of colleagues has to approve or reject things to show us what's true and what's not true. Hmmm.

Andrew Wakefield is the director of the movie Vaxxed. Wakefield's Wikipedia entry reads like a drama unfolding, with all the sensationalism of a great novel. He is an evil man, according to medicine by authority and boards of directors (and Wikipedia). But to parents who held their children down to receive their dozens of CDC-scheduled vaccines and then watched as their child's development regressed into an autism diagnosis, he is a hero who should be up for a Nobel Prize. These parents found out about science by repeatability the hard way. Thousands of parents have told the same, repeated, story so far to the Vaxxed bus. It is covered by thousands of signatures from parents of vaccine injured children. Science by repeatability tells us there's a significant danger in vaccinating, a significant chance that the child will react in a way that the child that was there before the vaccination is lost. Science by authority marginalized and ostracized Wakefield, because there is no connection. Those autisitc children are anecdotes, thousands of anecdotes. Something else must be causing that. Something genetic or something in the water. Some hidden combination that science just can't find. We don't know what it is, but it's not these untested vaccines!

White Magic

Bob the anecdote is a story about healing the gut, including the bowel, using a century-old raw milk diet that was the original method used by the Mayo Clinic when it was founded. Gut flora and gut health are known to be the primary basis of overall health. Injection of pathogens and toxins bypasses the gut's protective screening and, as Wakefield's original research implied, might actually cause gut damage. Parents of vaccine-injured children all note gut problems. If this is true, then the whole premise of vaccinating to protect from disease is dangerously flawed.

Bob is planning to stay on the milk/vitamin C diet until all his issues are cleared up and then slowly introduce foods again, as described in the Milk Cure book. So far, he proved to himself and to us that a human can live on fresh raw milk from a cow for at least two months (something the vegan army would not like to hear). And during those two months, he has repeated what was described in an old book, that was supposedly repeated by thousands of diseased people, back when our food system was just starting to become industrialized. Detox Farm Stay

There is a detox element to the protocol described in the book and the addition of high dose vitamin C is also about detoxing. It can be detoxing from vaccinations, detoxing from the SA Diet, or it can be just detoxing from life in the matrix.

The official protocol in the book calls for complete bed rest for around a month, a pavilion with fresh air to oxygenate the fresh blood supply, a daily bath, and a cup or two of fresh milk from the cow every waking hour. Bob does not do the complete bed rest part anymore, and he adds epsom salt and other minerals to his daily bath. Sounds like the basis for a luxurious detox farm stay to me.

We are in the process of putting together some nice farm stay facilities here, pavilions with fresh air, We plan to offer farm stay vacations and farm stay opportunities like a "Detox Farm Stay", and even a "Milk Diet Detox Farm Stay", where you can tap into lots of milk fresh from the udder for your own personal detox program.

So now you see the connections between farming and the Vaxxed bus.

Those of you who have visited this pristine canyon, where Helios Farms is located, will understand that detox is possible here. Fresh spring water, fresh air, milk abundance, foods raised in the way that God provided. Maybe you, or someone you know, can come for a detox farm stay and become an anecdote too. Just like Bob.



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