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Support your Farm Today!

Helios Farms is a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). We exist to serve you, and grow because of you. Bless you. We are Farmshare-owner and Investor supported. We are not bank-financed, and don't want to be. We have a vision and a financial model that works as we grow to about three times our current size. Once we grow into our vision, into that model, the farm is profitable, but we have not yet achieved it.

We are in a cash crunch at the moment. We added lots of livestock so that you would not suffer the shortages you experienced in our first two years. Well that's A LOT of extra mouths to feed and infrastructure to build. We're headed there! At the current rate of growth in our production, we anticipate achieving profitability in the next 2-3 years. We have not had a lot of extra time for widespread promotion, and have had some ups and downs with interns coming and going. We anticipated some new investment this winter that has not come through yet. We are in discussions with additional investors, but that outreach is not covering the immediate feed and fuel bills. So we are in need of a big boost to get us through.

We currently are serving over 150 families from Roseburg to Portland, and are loved by thousands more, so we know you are all pulling for us and want to support us to get to the next level.

By the time people call Helios Farms to sign up, they realize that they are immersed in a centralized food-supply system that is heavily subsidized in all the wrong ways and to the detriment of their family health. It's all about glyphosate, petrochemicals, and grain (GPG) to create a more centralized and bigger and bigger agriculture to "feed the world". That is not our model. You become part of our farm family when you sign up for a farmshare, and that's the way we like it.

Our farm share owners want something very different, and Helios Farms knows how to make that happen, and we are delivering it. Local farmers can easily "feed the world" in a much healthier way. We research and innovate here to figure out ways to get you the purest foods possible.

As a growing, pasture-based, soy-free farm, we are not in line for the GPG gravy train (that is not gluten-free gravy, btw). So, just as we do food supply differently, we have to do "subsidies" differently. This is where you come in. Now is your chance to directly support something that feels good, looks good, tastes good, and is good for you (and the planet).

With this blog post, your farm is officially throwing our hat in the ring, so to say, cutting out the lobbyists, revolving doors, and back room deals, and going right to the We can make it happen together.

One good way to support us right now is to buy and pay for additional food shares from the farm. We have a LOT of extra milk and eggs right now. We have a strategy that we are rolling out to raise awareness with more Farmshare owners, and you can help us by purchasing more shares or buying a farm share for someone you know. Let us know what you want. You can sign up by clicking this link.

In addition to food, Kira designed some necessary apparel options that you can select to purchase and support the farm today by paying a "sliding scale" price for the items. Click one of the links below the picture to send us an email order. This farm apparel offers the advantage of allowing you to display your participation in Helios Farms in your community, answer their questions about farm shares, point them to our website, and sign them up. When you wear your hat or shirt promoting the farm, not only are you letting people know that you personally support sustainable agriculture, you are helping grow the farm to profitability by promoting your farm.

Helios Farms Hat or T-Shirt

Here's the deal. It's a purchase/donate transaction. Consider how much you want to contribute to the farm, then click one of the links below to order a hat or t-shirt. In the email body, tell us how many you want and what size of t-shirt (S, M, L, XL), and then you will receive an invoice from our quickbooks system so you can pay us right away, ideally through PayPal.

I want a hat for $25.

I want a hat for $50.

I want a hat for $100.

I want a hat for $250.

I want a hat for $500.

I want a t-shirt for $25.

I want a t-shirt for $50.

I want a t-shirt for $100.

I want a t-shirt for $250.

I want a t-shirt for $500.

I want a t-shirt for $1000.

Helios Farms Hoodie

I want a hoodie for $45.

​I want a hoodie for $100.

​I want a hoodie for $250.

​I want a hoodie for $500.

​I want a hoodie for $1000.

In addition to the purchase choices above, we are offering a support button right after this paragraph with any amount. This lets you kick in any amount to support the farm without incurring the burden of acquisition. Smaller amounts ($5-$5,000) will be used for animal feed purchases and to ensure we have fuel to get the food to the drop points. $25 or more gets you a shirt or hat. $40 or more and we will send you a sweatshirt.

Larger amounts ($5,000 and up) will go toward facility building (power, water, barns, butchery, creamery, hoggery, chickenery, etc.) so the animals and people here will be more comfy in the winter and your future farm visits will be more classy. ​

Let's make us a classy farm. I want to donate $__________.

Yes, the animals think barns are pretty classy. We will send you an invoice as soon as we receive your email.

The apparel is an advance purchase, and your items will be delivered in 4-6 weeks. Thank you for your participation in Helios Farms! The cut-off date for this apparel order is March 15. We will start a new order after this one is closed.

Endless thanks to all of you that we serve and that have supported us in such a dedicated way to date.



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