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Farm Delivery Update

Whee! Ghee!

Well, this year, finally, we are showing that we can get through the darkness, ice, and cold torrential rains of the Oregon winter while increasing production both in the laying hen and Single-Moo Milk departments. We currently have an excess of both milk and eggs, so we are doing our best to add some butter and ghee as Farm Share Extras to the full-farm-share owner deliveries.

Eggs cooked in ghee are the best eggs. If you are a full-farm-share owner, look for your cup-o-ghee and other extras before you leave the drop point this week.

Sweet Blossom

In my post on Blue Bin Farming, I talked about the possibility of promoting our new cow Blossom from trainee dairy cow to beef cow, because she wasn't taking to the surge milker and was a bucking bronco in the stanchion (we don't have any bucking bronco roles here, especially for cows). Between milkings, cows are pretty lazy or their internet connection isn't great, so it takes them a while to get to my blog posts. She must have read it a couple days ago, because, after a few more days of intensive, tails-up training, everything finally clicked and she stepped into line with the program. Here she is pictured with the milker hanging under her milking her without the violent ride. The picture caught her with her ears back. She was smiling just before that...

With this kind of alignment, the milk cooler is filling rapidly between deliveries. You will see the cow names "Maya" and "Blossom" on your upcoming milk jars. Both of their bull calves, Milo and Otis, were born within days of each other, and they are settled in with the bottle calves, all cosy in the barn, always ready for their next bottle of the herd's milk. Probably some pictures of them on our Helios Farms snapchat.

Delivery schedule

Production has not been our issue, but weather has been an issue. Barring unexpected snow and ice, we will keep to this schedule this week.

Monday: Salem, Hubbard, Beaverton, Portland

Wednesday: Roseburg, Elkton

Friday: Cottage Grove, Eugene, Corvallis

New Cottage Grove Drop Point

Our new drop point in Cottage Grove is the Coast Fork Farm Stand. This is a perfect location for our drop point, because Farm Share Owners can pick up their regular farm share deliveries and buy some excellent locally-grown produce at the same time. Tell all your friends in Cottage Grove about this arrangement.

Sign Up Now!

It's clunky but it works. Now people can download our farm share agreements, agree to the terms of the agreements, and sign up with one button on our website. You can go to "What we offer" and there is a link from that page. The link is also here: Sign Up Now!

The form there allows new farm share owners to submit their order. Then, after a chat with Kira to make sure they're really committed to revolution, through thick and thin, we invoice them from Quickbooks and they are added to the delivery schedule. So this is a friendlier process for recruiting new farm share owners.

Subscribe to this Blog

We also added the ability to subscribe to this blog. When you subscribe, you receive an email whenever I make an update. It is easier than me notifying you by email, so please subscribe to get the updates. I just can click "Publish" and know that all our farm share owners are informed.


When a sow in our hog operation gets too old, stops having piglets, we harvest her. We harvested this sow today, one of the first sows that we purchased. She was at least 8 or 9 years old.

Those of you who have attended your hog harvest may notice a difference. Our harvest hogs are big, but sows are very very big, considering I'm 6'2". Her fat is being rendered into lard as I write and her meat will be sausage for the most part. Hopefully that will mean more full-farm-share extras in a week or two.