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Current Delivery Schedule

Delivery Schedule

We changed the Thursday delivery to Friday, to combine with another farm trip. Here is the new delivery schedule starting this week.

Monday: Salem, Hubbard, Beaverton, Portland, Damascus.

Wednesday: Roseburg, Elkton.

Friday: Cottage Grove, Eugene, Corvallis.

We are combining deliveries to reduce delivery days down to three. Ideally we can stick to this schedule through the construction, but there may still be glitches, so watch for delivery texts.

Sometimes deliveries are ready to go before the scheduled delivery day.

If you want to drive to the farm and shuttle a delivery, let us know. That is one very helpful way to participate in the farm.

Delivery Checklist: No More Name Labels

To speed up packing the deliveries from the farm, we have eliminated name labels on the milk and eggs. Each drop point will now have a ziplock bag with a delivery checklist and pencil. Please just grab the right quantity of eggs and milk and check off your name on the checklist under "Remarks". Add any remarks/comments that you want to get back to us (smiley faces are welcome).


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