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Jars: Return Them Please. And: What's Up on your Farm?

Return your Jars Please. Earlier this month, milk production was very low and we were overrun with returned bottles. Now milk production is on the rise and the delivery coolers are sitting empty. So if you have held onto empties, it's time to return them again. Thank you.

What's Up?

Your farm is in building mode to a "next level" right now, and it makes each day very busy with everyone here are working hard to keep your food coming as best we can while we build a better infrastructure for producing and delivering more. Just so you have a context for why our communications are a bit awkward, and our deliveries have been unreliable, here are some of the things that are happening.

Delivery and Feed Hauling Truck. A nice "we-haul" truck was donated to use for deliveries and feed. It is a better size for deliveries and will change the way we do deliveries. Exactly how it changes the way we deliver is yet to be determined. But it already has helped with the Portland delivery, because we can fit it all in more easily.

Water, Power, and Drainage. The farm water source is one reliable spring. We have rights to all the water in the spring and currently much of it goes away as overflow. The spring house has a collapsed roof currently and must be rebuilt. We will build a a new pump house, and the water flow from the spring will be fully managed. We will double the electric power coming into the farm and build a power house that distributes power in a more farm-like way, rather than a residential way. We will route drainage and waste better and replace the septic tank.

Tool Shop. We are building a "place for everything" and then we can put "everything in its place." We are currently lacking in space to organize the tools that we use for the all the farm tasks. The new Tool Shop will improve our efficiency.

Dairy Facility. This is the centerpiece project to allow us to increase our Single-Moo Milk team to 30 cows, milked twice a day. It will house 45 cows, allowing them to stay clean all winter, well fed and watered, and will have a milking parlor and pouring area, milk jar cooling and delivery and return area, vet and calving areas, and a calf nursery and growth area, office, and child care area where kids can watch the milking and feed calves. It will have a nice manure/compost management design.

Hog Facility. We're building a new barn for overwintering and sheltering our sows and for farrowing.

Butchery. The butcher shop will allow us to hang beef in a walk in cooler, so we can butcher beef on the farm.

Licensed Egg Facility. Our egg production is to the point now where we can be selling soy-free eggs through Co-Ops and other outlets. The farm has to get a egg-handler's license to do this and getting licensed requires a egg packing room.

As farm share owners, we welcome your assistance in any way with all of these projects. Call Theo or Kira to talk about how you want to help.

Keeping the fresh farm goods flowing to you with some kind of orderly deliveries while all this building is underway is a primary goal.


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