• Theo

Man can live on ... alone

Just a followup on the previous Milk Diet post. I lived on milk only for the first three weeks of June and concluded a few things:

  • I could live on a gallon or two a very fresh milk (less than 4 hours from the milking as prescribed by "The Milk Cure") per day for the rest of my life if I wanted, drinking a cup to a pint whenever I felt hungry or thirsty. I had no energy problems or issues. It was clearly a detoxing and healing diet. I craved foods when I smelled them cooking here, but just pounded down more milk and the cravings subsided.

  • The Milk Cure, used at the end of 1800's and early 1900's definitely has some merit. I particularly noticed some repetitive stress issues that I had disappeared (foot and elbow from all the milking and squats required). Also my digestion seemed to be upgraded by the end of the three weeks. More research is warranted by yours truly at some point in the future. The book titled "The Milk Cure" is available for download on our Facebook Farm Share Owner's page under Files.

I stopped because our milk production dropped and I didn't want to be drinking milk that should be going to you all. Also, it was father's day, and steak was on the menu...

So, man can live on milk alone, just so ya know. I'll give it another whirl soon, probably next spring, for a longer period of time.


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