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Milk Diet: Day 11

On our Facebook Farm Share Owner's page, if you click files, I have a pdf file there of an old book from the 1920's called The Milk Cure: Milk Diet as a cure for Chronic Disease. In it, Dr. Charles Sanford Porter charmingly describes his protocol for curing chronic disease by taking people to the country, putting them on complete bedrest and fresh air, giving them nothing but a glass of milk every hour and a hot bath every day for four weeks or more. His clinic cured thousands of very sick people of a whole slew of diseases using this protocol. There were at least two other doctors at the time that wrote similar books. Purportedly, the Mayo Clinic evolved from one of these clinics where people were cured with fresh air and raw milk (which back then they called "milk"). I'm sure that it would be called an "unproven" cure now, particularly by the Mayo Clinic, but back then it probably worked.

Even though I posted The Milk Cure file a few years ago, I'm just now reading it. In reading it, I was inspired, not to try and cure anything (I don't have any chronic conditions), but to see what it's like to live on milk only. The book prescribes milk that is less than 4 hours old as most therapeutic. I can do that here with the cows readily accessible. I'm not doing the bedrest part or the hot bath part (I do shower though), so the doctor ensures me in his book that the cure won't likely work, as his protocol has to be followed to a T.

I am downing up to a gallon and a half a day of milk and have been since the first of the month, and that's all I consume. On this 11th day, I'm feeling fine, maybe a little less sore than normal. The main effect I've noticed is surprising everyone in the household including myself that I can stick to something other than a "see-food" diet. The milk diet is easy, because when you're hungry or thirsty you just fill up with milk and you're not hungry or thirsty anymore. Other effects: getting the feeling that I could live on milk only forever. Also, I have more time in the day, as I don't prepare or eat any other foods, I just milk a bunch of cows and drink a lot of milk.

I'll keep you posted on how it goes at least once more by the end of June.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I didn't give up coffee. So coffee and cream are part of my milk diet and critical fuel for Farmer Theo. Like I said, I'm not trying to cure anything....

And PSS, I wanted to mention that our calves here get about a gallon and a half of milk a day from the first few days of life until they're six month's old. So the milk diet is kind of like being a newborn calf, except I drink from a widemouth jar and not a calf bottle (yet).


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