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Single-Moo Milk™ Supply and Lab Testing

Lotsa Milk

With two fresh cows in the line, we have a good supply of milk. If you want us to catch up on missed milk earlier this year, let us know how many extra jars you would like. It's a good time to make ice cream, butter, sour cream, etc. Sign up for more herd shares, so your personal supply of milk goes up, and your farm keeps growing fast.

Cows' Names on the Jars

The name written in sharpie on the jars are cow names. When people sign up, they often call us to tell us that they can't find their name on the jars. They think it's pretty funny when we tell them those are the cow names. Being a herd share owner at Helios Farms, means you always know the name of the cow that produced your Single-Moo Milk™.

Raw Milk That's Lab Tested Daily

Here are the results of a typical lab test at Helios Farms. In this case, we have the test from one cow and the test that we normally run daily (all cows combined).

Pasteurized milk is considered safe if the pink slide on the left (Coliform Count or CC) has under ten red dots, where each dot is associated with an air bubble. In this case, we have no dots associated with air bubbles. And no dots at all. This means there are very few, if any, coliform bacteria present, neither the safe coliform (which is what we grow) or the dangerous ones like the six pathogenic strains of e coli (which we discourage here). We rarely have coliforms showing up in the milk.

Pasteurized milk is considered safe if the white plate (Rapid Aerobic Count or RAC, some call it Standard Plate Count) has under 200 dots, which are actually called "CFU's". The CFU count on Sunny's plate was about 14, and the combined milk had 5 on that day. It's actually hard to get a totally clean plate, because the farm air has some friendly bacteria floating around and we don't have a clean room environment where we can run the test, so we usually count a few CFU. If our tests ever fail, we either retest it or send it to Theo milk (I drink whatever), calf milk (they need the immunity info too), or ghee.

Remember that the standards we are exceeding here are set for pasteurized milk. Think about it....

It takes 24 hours to get the test results. Ideally, we don't ship the milk until it has passed the tests. Your milk should hold up for a couple weeks in the fridge, sometimes even 4-6 weeks in a cold fridge, depending on the cow.

If you have any issues with milk not lasting, please let us know. If you find that the milk doesn't last because you drink it too quickly, then that's when you want to contact us and sign up for more herd shares...just so ya know.


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