• Theo

Farm Update: Milk Production Woes

The bad news is that the milk production shortages have gotten worse, not better, since the last update. For deliveries, I'm just going to text drop points when we get the milk there, so you know when it arrives, but there will be considerable delays until...

The good news is that Buttercup looks very close to calving. I have gotten very good at predicting calving dates for cows, plus or minus one month, so, given that margin of error, she should calve tomorrow. And, Bessie is waddling, Dori is bagging up, Sadie looks like a balloon, Frida too. I think that Felix knocked them all up about the same time, so it is looking like a rapid fire calving soon to hit Helios Farms. That will swing the milk production pendulum way over.

Delivering a quart per share doesn't really help the farm because it adds work and admin to an already overworked and overadmin'd crew. So until we get these new calves on the ground there will be delays and possibly skipped deliveries. I will keep you posted.

Eggs are good...

Have you scheduled your hog harvest? There are unclaimed hogs on these grounds, so claim one now if you have some room in your freezer for Berkshire pork.


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