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Farm Update Dec 7, 2015

Dec 7th. All of our sows, Mavis, Ella, Ruby, Missy, and Aretha, have piglets now. So there are a bunch of new piggies in shelters in the hog pasture weathering the storms.

Mon-Cheri came here as a slightly traumatized cow: One of her rear legs had been broken at some time and healed, which we were told after we loaded her up. She had an easy time calving, but has been very resistant to the surge milking machine that we use, which I attribute to the trauma she experienced in the past. So far she tolerates hand milking, but the milk we get from hand milking is only for calves and pigs. I had the machine on her yesterday and she behaved better. Her udder is likely getting less sensitive. Hopefully she will add to our deliverable milk soon and will earn herself a Single-Moo Milk label.

When I dried Anna up in September so she could prepare for calving, she took a very long time to adjust to the fact that daily milking was not happening for her. Anna calved a few days ago. She had a beautiful Heifer calf sired by Felix. She kicked her calf away for a while when it was born and we bottle fed it Mon-Cheri's colostrum, but then Anna's mothering skills fired up. She stayed with the calf for a few days and it is very strong already. Anna is very happy to be back in the milking stansion...a very dedicated milk cow. You'll be seeing her milk in the rotation.

Peony and Fran came to us from Bob Bansen's Organic Valley Dairy in Tigard. Excellent milk from these cows is helping increase our production. Haven't got their labels designed and to the printer yet.

Elsa is the next cow due to calve (January). We have another milking cow, called Buttercup, arriving today. So we are working hard to get our milk production up so there are no more shortfalls.

Single-Moo Milk Labels

The Single-Moo Milk labels you have been seeing on the milk jars identify were printed by Dirt-Cheap Copies in Cottage Grove. Farm Share Owner David Work is the owner of Dirt-Cheap Copies. He identified an excellent vinyl material for the labels, which stands up to high temperature washing and are durable for delivery and the handling that we require. Remember that we re-use lids and labels. Return them with your jars please :).

These labels identify the cow that provided the milk in the jar. We were sending some Anna labels out with other cow's names on the jars. If another cow's name is on the jar, the handwritten name identifies the cow, and the label just givest you a cow picture to admire. Moving forward, we will rarely do this. If we don't have a cow's label available, then we'll use a blank lid.

Eggs on Hold

Egg production has increased, but is still under demand. We have been randomly distributing the eggs that we have, but that creates too much confusion with egg share owners and administration for the farm. So starting with last week's Corvallis delivery, I put all egg shares on hold. Eugene and Roseburg were delivered over the weekend, milk only. We will accumulate a full week's worth of eggs here, and then deliver all egg shares to all drop points for one week. Before we deliver the next week, we will make sure we can cover all egg shares to all drop points. So your egg deliveries will be sporadic until production meets demand and then will become steady again.

Tigard drop point moved to Beaverton

Our Tigard drop point moved to a new location. It is now near Washington Square in Beaverton. Let us know if you want the address in case you may want to relocate your pickup to Beaverton.

New drop point in Hubbard

We have a new drop point in Hubbard. Let your friends in that area know that they can sign up for Helios Farms farm shares and pick up their foods in Hubbard.

Delivery Schedule

Sunday (Dec 6th): Roseburg (complete).

Monday (Dec 7th): Elkton (complete) and local.

Tuesday (Dec 8th): Salem-Portland-Beaverton-Hubbard-Damascus (complete).

Thursday (Dec 10th): Corvallis and Cottage Grove.

Saturday (Dec 12th): Eugene.

Please make us aware of any issues or special circumstances with respect to your deliveries. Thank you!



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