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Milk Jars

Return Clean Jars Promptly We are committed to delivering milk and dairy extras in reusable glass jars. We use glass canning jars and lids. One way to participate in the farm, without being here, is to return jars promptly and return them clean enough that all we have to do is load them into our sterilizing dishwasher, sterilize them, and refill them with fresh milk.

Cleaning jars for return

Please do not remove the cow label from the lid. We reuse the lids and their labels. Use baking soda or a green scrubby to remove all traces of writing on the outside of the jar. Rinse the jar or run it through your dishwasher. Filling the jar with hot water, baking soda, and a little detergent, and then letting it sit for a while, is a very effective way to remove milk and soured milk products. Both the jars and lids with their vinyl labels can go in the dishwasher.

Use Jars ONLY for Milk

Foods, juices, and things like Kombucha put a brown film inside these jars that requires a lot of scrubbing to remove. If you put other things in the jars, the film that forms on the inside of the jar is not removed by our dishwasher, and then we can't tell it's there until we refill the jar with fresh milk. Please don't use the milk jars for anything but milk and dairy products. Keep them dedicated to your milk delivery. Reserve your jars for milk and fermented milk products only. Thank you.

Farm Share Extras and Other containers

Return all the containers and lids that we send to you, even the small canning jars that are delivered with extras. Egg cartons can be discarded if they're falling apart or dirty, but if they can be reused, please return them.

Annual Bottle Fee

We now charge $10 per year, per herd share, for bottles. This is our way of handling loss, breakage, and slow returns as we grow. Each milk jar with plastic lid costs the farm about $2.55, so it's reasonable to have a fee that covers four jars per share for a year.

You help the farm significantly when you return clean jars each time you pick up. Please don't let jars sit around at your place. If each of our farm share owners holds on to one jar for a week longer than necessary, that's $400 worth of jars that we have to purchase unnecessarily. This can cut into our ability to pay for feed and fuel, our biggest expenses.


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