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November 11, 2019

The cows are all free-range grazing until winter weather sets in. We have these amazing days lined up, with stockpiled forage everywhere including apples and other fruits that are still falling from trees. The cows in the milking line are freely roaming during the day getting a wide variety of nutrients from this fall sun/rain cycle.


We did not deliver cream again this Monday partly bec...

August 28, 2019

​The cows in our milking line at this time are:

-Suzy (A2/A2)

-Mari (A2/A2)

-Molly (A2/A2)

-Dori (A2/A2)

-Thelma (A2/A2)

-Anna (A2/A1)

-Blossom (A2/A1)

-Dena (A2/A1)

-Lilly (A2/A1-Full horns-No pharma)

-Dani (untested)

Our Notes on A2A2

The A2 Corporation in New Zealand has done a good job funding science on A2 genetics and marketing their conclusions and their A2/A2 genetic testing. We have studied some of the A2/A2 science and understa...

July 11, 2019

Doing Your Part in CSA

Helios Farms is growing fast because we deliver food produced from our farm share owners' livestock without using any modern ag chemicals or food additives. You are part of a community that is getting bigger all the time, and delivering more Single-Moo Milk every month. More children in Oregon have access to the gut microbiome tuning benefits of raw milk as they grow. So being in this community is about c...

July 10, 2019

I added a deliveries page to our website in the hopes that our farm share owners will check here to see the latest delivery information. I will update the info here as our deliveries roll each week and this will be a consistent page to check for your delivery status.

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