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Milking Line

​Family milk cows are all of the sudden in big demand. We have an abundance of cows in milk this spring and have selected certain cows to sell to increase our cash flow. We sold Suzy and her milk is not being delivered. We just sold Thelma and Dani as well, so you may get their milk early this week, but that's the last for those two cows. ​The cows in our milking line at this time are: -Chloe (A2/A2 by Sire/Dam genetics-Full horns-No pharma, Calved on 3/19/20) -Beauty (A2/A2, half Red Bull and half Sadie-naturally polled-No pharma-Calved on 3/22/20) -Dori (A2/A2, calved on 3/17/20) -Daisy (A2/A2) -Molly (A2/A2, calved on 3/4/20) -Anna (A2/A1) -Abby (A1/--, by Sire/Dam genetics-Full horns-No