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Jars, Lids, and Cartons

Doing Your Part in CSA Helios Farms is growing fast because we deliver food produced from our farm share owners' livestock without using any modern ag chemicals or food additives. You are part of a community that is getting bigger all the time, and delivering more Single-Moo Milk every month. More children in Oregon have access to the gut microbiome tuning benefits of raw milk as they grow. So being in this community is about creating healthy little Oregonians to grow up and lead the next generation. We have to move quickly and efficiently... Deliver Us Your Jars One of the things that can slow down our day is running out of jars. We like to see a steady inflow of empty jars, so that we ca

New Deliveries Page

I added a deliveries page to our website in the hopes that our farm share owners will check here to see the latest delivery information. I will update the info here as our deliveries roll each week and this will be a consistent page to check for your delivery status. #Deliveries #Public

Bloat and tears

No! Not Buttercup! Ever since we came to this land six and a half years ago, we have occasionally had dairy cows bloat and die spontaneously. We lost a favorite cow, Nora, who was born here on the farm, a couple weeks ago. A few days later, I found Anna bloated and was able to right her and correct the problem. Then, last Monday, we found Buttercup dead in the morning. We are intentionally attached to our dairy cows. We work at recognizing and honoring the unique qualities of each cow. We write their names on each bottle of milk that they produce for their herd share owners. We take pictures of them and share the beauty. We know their milk. We elevate what can easily be considered habitual a