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Weather delay

Winter Finally Arrived It has been a very mild winter so far. We have had plenty of rain for our canyon, to fill all the springs here that hydrate the farm for the rest of the year, but very little sub-freezing weather. In the next week or so, it looks like we will have a little snow. I don't like sending our delivery truck out into risky road conditions, so we will delay if necessary to ensure the safest trip for your milk and meats. Today, that meant delaying the PDX run by one day. Tomorrow the weather looks a little better, and we plan to send the truck on its way bright (actually dark) and early. The other deliveries are expected to take place on Thursday according to schedule, although

Delivery Update February

February Milk Production VS March Milk Production During February, milk production may be an issue. Then in March, we have a run of 14 or 15 cows that are going to calve and the Douglas County clover burst usually happens in March and April. So February will only be the calm before the storm as far as milk production goes. From mid-March forward, deliveries should be very reliable. As they say in road construction "expect delays" during February and keep in mind that this is your farm and farms have downs and ups. It's hard to predict exactly what will happen with the set of cows we are milking currently. We purchased 5 new cows recently, and all are doing well, but we dried off as many cows