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Wow, What a Morning! (A Christmas Miracle)

Whatever Christmas means to you, it sure is a festive time of year! For me, it’s full of memories of love, generosity, comfort, and joy. Wherever I happen to be each Christmas, those are the overwhelming feelings I experience. No wonder this Holiday has taken root in modern cultures all over the world. More recently, I’ve personally connected all of that to the celebration of Jesus, who He is and what He’s done for us! Now if you’re like me, you don’t actually believe that one man (Santa Claus) and his herd of reindeer are responsible for all the gift giving of this day. Amazing though are the stories of history behind our Christmas traditions. For example, Saint Nicholas. This devout man of

Holiday Hamburger

Now is a great time to buy Hamburger Shares from Helios Farms to provide your family with high quality convenient meals with the healthiest ground beef available. It is $750 total for a share of the beef cows, harvested, ground, packaged, and in your freezer. Think of the burgers... 110 lbs of hamburger can make a lot of burgers for the upcoming year, but it may be too much for your freezer space all at once, and $750 may be too much for your budget all at once. So, you have options for payment and delivery that fit any freezer and any food budget: You can pay in full and receive all your ground beef, 110 lbs or more, at once. You can make monthly payments for the coming year at $62.50 per m

Merry Christmas from Helios Farms!

My name is John Steigleder. My wife, Elizabeth, and I moved into the farmhouse at the beginning of November. I thought I would write you to introduce us and to let you know what we hope to accomplish by being here at Helios Farms. We have been a part of Theo and Kira’s farm ever since we became full farm share owners ourselves about 4 years ago. Elizabeth and I share a passion for good, wholesome food (in fact, that’s one of the things we first connected on) and we have had a dream of living on a farm ourselves. The first time we visited Helios Farms, we were captured by the magic of what is happening out here. We’re not into sorcery and Theo is no Houdini, but there’s a simplistic beauty an