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Nora's first calf

There is a parable about the farmhand who puzzled the farmer that hired him by giving as his qualifications "I can sleep through a storm." I would love to be able to say that for the same reasons that farmhand did, but I can't fully claim that. Normally, I can sleep through a storm simply because I'm exhausted from all the farm work. Happy, but exhausted. But last night, I woke up to an uneasy feeling in my gut about 2:30am. I rarely tour the farm at night, but wanted to check on the meat chickens, as we had lost a few of them during the cold nights and changed our brooders to make them warmer. I also knew that our heifer Nora was near to calving. So, since I was wide awake anyway, I got d

Grass + Gravity = Cream

I won't force you to read this whole blog entry to get to the link that lets you order our new gravity-separated cream share. Here's the link. Or you can just email or text me the message "Theo. I want to buy ten cream shares". Or one or two...you get the picture. If you're interested in more details, here they are...A few years ago, we were given an old centrifugal cream separator, probably from the 1930's or 1940's, going by carbon dating and the look of the electric motor setup that drives it. We spent some hours getting it cleaned up and working. Then we fired it up and ran some of our extra milk through it. It worked OK, and produced thick cream for us. It also gave me some insight into

Chicken Shares!

I picked up hundreds of Freedom Ranger chicks last Wednesday in Tangent, Oregon and shuttled them to their new home. They spent a week in the new and incomplete walk-in freezer (warmed to 80 degrees, so not really a freezer yet) in small brooders, and over the last couple days they all were moved to our large brooders in the greenhouse. Here's a quick chick's-eye video tour of the new quarters Our chickens are fed non-GMO, soy-free feed from Mosaic Farms that has been fermented in our soured raw milk for several hours or a day or two. They are robust and healthy, and growing fast, which is their main job. They are taking training courses in "pasture forage improvement" as well. At the ripe o