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Delivery Delays

Today we said goodbye to Olga, Helga, Bertha, and Heidi. We loaded up a trailer full of beef breeding cows and sent them off to greener pastures in California. We decided after last winter that our focus with breeding cows on this land is going to be dairy cows, and that steers will come here in spring to finish and harvest in early summer to fulfill our beef shares. We are keeping the steers that we will harvest as soon as our butchery is complete, and a few other cows that are old and ready to be hamburger shares, but beef breeding will take place elsewhere for now. We found out, only yesterday, that the trailer to California was actually going to be here at noon today to load the cows. Th

Growing Roofs

Planting and Growing Roofs Shortly after we moved to this farm 5 years ago, we planted a single, garden-variety roof. Our skills at growing roofs were limited in those early days. The roof grew quickly in the Oregon winter rains, but our lack of experience stunted its growth. Alas, under that first roof, we could fit only one milking stanchion and a pouring room. You can see the roof lurking there in the background, sheltering a milk cooler. There was no room under that first roof for farm share owners to harvest their animals. They had to do so without a roof over their heads. The first roof that grew wasn't big enough for us to organize tools, to house animals during the winter, to work on