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Delivery Update: Milk and Egg Abundance

Here's our planned delivery schedule which we will stabilize, starting next week (Sept 18): -Monday: Corvallis, Salem, Hubbard, Portland (Beaverton, SE, N, and NE). -Wednesday: Elkton and Roseburg. -Friday: CG, Eugene, and Springfield Farmer's Market. Milk and Egg Abundance All the laying hens finally migrated back from their seagull-viewing vacation at the beach, and we finally sorted through the hundreds of cow resumes we have been receiving and chose 4 new cows to hire for the dairy operation. Fortunately, all the new hire cows came from one Organic Valley dairy that is downsizing. We were planning to hire only three new cows, but one of the resumes, Desi, stood out. She was a three teat

Delivery Update: Where's the milk?

Our milk production drives our delivery schedule, so the crash we had in milk production has really thrown off the milk and egg delivery schedule. We will extend everyone's milk shares by 3-4 weeks based on the interruption in deliveries. Saturday, we are picking up three new cows to fill in the gap between now and November, when our herd of dry cows will start calving. Within two weeks, we should be back on track with regular deliveries. Once we get the new cows in the line and assess our new production levels, we are going to reassess the delivery schedule to each drop point to make sure we run efficiently to the drop points while getting you milk that is less than a few days from milking.