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Farm Delivery Update

Whee! Ghee! Well, this year, finally, we are showing that we can get through the darkness, ice, and cold torrential rains of the Oregon winter while increasing production both in the laying hen and Single-Moo Milk departments. We currently have an excess of both milk and eggs, so we are doing our best to add some butter and ghee as Farm Share Extras to the full-farm-share owner deliveries. Eggs cooked in ghee are the best eggs. If you are a full-farm-share owner, look for your cup-o-ghee and other extras before you leave the drop point this week. Sweet Blossom In my post on Blue Bin Farming, I talked about the possibility of promoting our new cow Blossom from trainee dairy cow to beef cow, b

Blue-Bin Farming

Bi Mart sells these blue storage bins for under $7 each, and ever since we moved to 160 acres in Yoncalla to scale up our Single-Moo Milk dairy, raise hogs, raise egg layers, raise beef cows, develop a farm share owner direct delivery network, harvest and butcher on farm with farm share owners at our sides, socially network about healthy foods from the farm, develop long attention spans, and build a team of young farmers, children, and grandchildren so that they can learn to be just as crazy as we are, we have been using blue bins. They are blue, and they are bins, and they come with a lid. If you visit the farm, you will notice that we have become blue-bin farmers. Blue bins are used pretty


For the Health of it Kira and I decided to get back to farming just for the health of it. Kira is the most "lactose intolerant" (also known as "processed-milk intolerant") person on the planet, but found out she could drink raw cow's milk and enjoy all the products from raw cream without any digestive discomfort. Now she drinks up to a gallon a day, trying to make up for her 40+ years without milk. So we got a family cow, another, another, and then hogs, chickens, more cows, and the rest is history. Chemical-free, soy-free, pasture-based farming merged all of our passions about healing foods with our opposition to misinformation in the dietary recommendations and misinformation in agricultur