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2016 EOY Farm Update

Blogs are nice in that they have all the past entries, so those who are interested can read a lot about the past year if they want to just from previous entries. So, a "year in review" blog entry doesn't make sense, and it would probably not serve any of our farm share owners. What's happening NOW on the farm is better, with some glances back at what we have achieved... Summary: Abundance of Milk and Eggs The summary for the quick reader is that our production in eggs and milk is way up. With a team of people engaged and making sure cows and chickens get what they need every day, we finally have a handle on winter milk and egg production. Our hogs are more comfortable this winter in hogmahal

Eggs in Time

I like to write (some will say "fantasize") about our "unionized" laying-hen labor here. When I get some time to hang out with the chickens then my story is embellished with things like their political discussions...some will probably miss Barack, some may be saying good riddance, but all of them mention him from time to time...and at our union/management meetings: they balk at most of my suggestions for increasing egg production. Some of it is serious, and some of it is just plain fun. In the rare times that I can lift this veil of fantasy from my mind, then I see that our laying hen operation has been running very poorly in the last few months, and it's not funny. Joel Salatin, the "farm-t