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Jars: Return Them Please. And: What's Up on your Farm?

Return your Jars Please. Earlier this month, milk production was very low and we were overrun with returned bottles. Now milk production is on the rise and the delivery coolers are sitting empty. So if you have held onto empties, it's time to return them again. Thank you. What's Up? Your farm is in building mode to a "next level" right now, and it makes each day very busy with everyone here are working hard to keep your food coming as best we can while we build a better infrastructure for producing and delivering more. Just so you have a context for why our communications are a bit awkward, and our deliveries have been unreliable, here are some of the things that are happening. Delivery and

Farm Update: Communication

I started this update on August 3rd and here it is Aug 6th and I'm just getting it out to Farm Share Owners. There are a bunch of things that are slowing down the farm, preventing good communication, and we apologize for the inconvenience this causes. At the same time, the productivity and liveliness on the farm is increasing, which is part of the chaos. There are some things happening that will get the delivery schedule, which has been seriously delayed without good communication from Theo, back on track. The picture above is of Dori's udder, swollen in anticipation of the imminent birth of her new calf. Delivery Schedule Salem, Hubbard, Beaverton, Portland will all happen on Monday. The Da