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Milk Diet: Day 11

On our Facebook Farm Share Owner's page, if you click files, I have a pdf file there of an old book from the 1920's called The Milk Cure: Milk Diet as a cure for Chronic Disease. In it, Dr. Charles Sanford Porter charmingly describes his protocol for curing chronic disease by taking people to the country, putting them on complete bedrest and fresh air, giving them nothing but a glass of milk every hour and a hot bath every day for four weeks or more. His clinic cured thousands of very sick people of a whole slew of diseases using this protocol. There were at least two other doctors at the time that wrote similar books. Purportedly, the Mayo Clinic evolved from one of these clinics where peop

Milk Jars

Return Clean Jars Promptly We are committed to delivering milk and dairy extras in reusable glass jars. We use glass canning jars and lids. One way to participate in the farm, without being here, is to return jars promptly and return them clean enough that all we have to do is load them into our sterilizing dishwasher, sterilize them, and refill them with fresh milk. Cleaning jars for return Please do not remove the cow label from the lid. We reuse the lids and their labels. Use baking soda or a green scrubby to remove all traces of writing on the outside of the jar. Rinse the jar or run it through your dishwasher. Filling the jar with hot water, baking soda, and a little detergent, and th