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Orthomolecular Restorative Farming

Make yourself at home by joining one of our private farm share communities with traditional foods that taste and feel good. Orthomolecular Restorative Farming uses only nutrients to optimize the health of animals and farmers. We use no pharmaceutical or agricultural chemicals. We build fertility through rotational grazing of livestock on the land. We use the microbial intelligence of raw milk, fed to multiple species of livestock, to tune the whole farm microbiome. Our livestock farming methods restore an Edenic balance to the microbiome in the soil, water, plants, animals, and farm share community.

Join our PMA farm, buy MoolaCoin™ (our private currency), and you gain access to Edenic foods produced by our Orthomolecular Restorative farms.

Helios Farms' serves a network of Orthomolecular Restorative PMA farms driving a food-system revolution into the private domain and decentralizing food supply back to local private family-run farms. When you taste the fruits of our revolution, you're tasting the truth.


Raw Dairy and Creamery

The centerpiece of each farm in the Helios Farms' network is a raw dairy and creamery. We deliver Single-Moo Milk (with the name of the cow that produced your milk on each jar), Gravity-Separated Cream, and other dairy products to your private drop point. Join HFPMA to start receiving milk. Come to the farm for a visit to meet your cows and learn more about Single-Moo Milk.


On-Farm Butchery

Helios Farms' private farms include an on-farm butchery. When you're part of our farm share community, you can come to the farm to help harvest, cut, and wrap your meats.


Our Farm Revolution

Helios Farms uses the most advanced nutritional and microbial science. We use no agricultural chemicals or pharmaceuticals on the land or with animals. Orthomolecular Restorative Farming rebuilds the microbial balance present in Eden, restoring traditional health to the farm and the food that graces your table and nourishes your family.

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Invest in The Revolution

Together we will expand Orthomolecular Restorative Farming Nationwide. Invest in decentralizing the food supply. Occupy the Land. Expand the Kingdom. Click this button to request investment details.


Teach Your Children

Teach your children fundamental information about health and orthomolecular science by ordering or downloading our children's book titled Buttercup, Me, and Vitamin C.

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