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Welcome to Helios Farms, the home of the original Single-Moo Milkand delicious soy-free eggs and meats! Join our farm share owner community and you gain access to healthy, local food supply. Once you buy shares in our livestock, we deliver your healthy, nutrient-dense foods weekly, and encourage you to participate in our vibrant and informed farm share community. Helios Farms uses chemical-free farming practices that you will feel good about supporting, learning, and being a part of. We love sharing the fruits of our labor and engaging our farm share owners, delivering milk and eggs weekly to your drop point, and working with you to harvest your chicken, pork, and beef to fill your freezer! When you become a farm-share owner in Helios Farms, you will have opportunities to participate in traditional farm and butchery experiences, and you will be delighted with each delivery of your farm share treats. Yum!

We are grateful that you recognize healing is possible through
pure food from your community-supported farm!

June 22, 2020

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July 5, 2019

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